Lutheran Church of Australia* (LCA)

Australian Lutheran roots go back to 1838, when our forebearers arrived, fleeing the Prussian union. Our background, therefore, is similar to that of The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod. Post World War II migration also brought a number of Lutherans from other European countries. In more recent years, many Asians have come to Australia.

A split in the church occurred in 1846. In subsequent years, pastors came from various sources, including different German missionary societies and a number of the Lutheran synods in the United States of America. A merger took place in 1966, in which the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Australia joined with the United Evangelical Lutheran Church of Australia to form the Lutheran Church of Australia.

Since that time we have related to world Lutheranism on a “case by case basis,” apart from having altar and pulpit fellowship with the two churches in Papua New Guinea. In 1993, the Lutheran Church of Australia became an associate member of the Lutheran World Federation.

The Lutheran Church of New Zealand whilst being a District of the Lutheran Church of Australia is also a church in its own right.

* Denotes Associate Member

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Lutheran Church of Australia Parishes: 293
197 Archer Street Congregations: 605
North Adelaide SA 5006 Baptized Members: 73,268
AUSTRALIA Communicant Members: 54,309
  Active Pastors: 323
Phone: 61-8-8267-7300  
Fax: 61-8-8267-7310  
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Bishop: Rev. John Henderson

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